How to Fix Netflix Error code: M7353-5101?

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Netflix error code: M7353-5101 is a browser extension error that occurs in Windows Netflix Users. In the year 2021, Netflix is a huge video streaming platform for streaming movies and web shows, but the fact is that Netflix does not work perfectly with extensions, VPNs, proxy, third-party anti-viruses, etc.

As a result, there are some errors that we have to face sometimes while watching shows or movies on Netflix. Today we’ll discuss that how to fix one of these errors. The error which we are going to discuss is error code: M7353-5101.

How to Fix Netflix Error code: M7353-5101?

What is Error code: M7353-5101?

In Android/iOS, you never or may be able to see these types of errors. If you are a Windows 10 user, then the common cause of this error is browser extensions, browser cache, cookies, etc. However, there are more causes for error M7353-5101. Take a look at the following factors.

Causes of the Netflix error: M7353-5101

  1. As we saw above, the common cause of this error is a browser extension, cache, and cookies.
  2. The other cause is a problem with your browser, which is generating this error.
  3. Maybe this error occurs by your secondary display.
  4. There is also the chance of this error appearing because your windows or browser is not updated.
  5. Sometimes, specifically in mac, this error arises because of Netflix cookies.
    But you don’t have to worry about it anymore because after learning about this error we came up with some solution which will surely help you.

Fix the Netflix error: M7353-5101

The basic and first solution is that anyone would give you is to restart your PC, laptops, or any other devices which you use for streaming video on Netflix.

If it works, then you don’t have to check any other options, but in case it didn’t work, then there are more solutions to fix this error which are given below.

Turn off the Chrome Extension

As we discussed earlier, that browser extension is the usual cause for these errors. Netflix uses cookies, so maybe some extensions are blocking these cookies, which is also the reason for this error. Always try to disable the unnecessary extension, which will help you to fix this error.

Go to chrome’s address bar and type “chrome://extensions/” after that, you’ll able to see the extensions list you will easily recognize, which are enabled or disabled. You have to disable which are unnecessary.

Clear the Cookies and Check the Updates

Try to clear your browser’s cookies and cache data. It certainly affects the Netflix streaming service when you don’t clear your cache for a long time. Also, check whether that your device and browser are updated to the latest version or not. If not, then update your device and browser. It is also a reason for the error: M7353-5101.

How to Fix Netflix Error code: M7353-5101?

Change the Browser

If the above solutions are not working, maybe there is an issue with your browser affecting Netflix. First, try to change your browser, then log in to your Netflix account.

Disable your Anti-Virus, VPN, Proxy

It’s unusual, but some Netflix users also face this error because of their anti-viruses. You have to disable it for a short period during this period; you have to check whether this is the reason behind the errors or not. If yes, then set up your anti-virus again.

These errors may also cause changing the region, so try to turn off your VPN and disable the proxy server. It may help you to fix the Netflix error.

More device users like multi-screen PC and Mac users also face the Netflix error: M7353-5101. If you have a multi-display PC, turn off the other screen and try using a single screen.

And if you are a mac user, try to log in again after clearing the Netflix cookies. As we saw earlier in the causes of error section, specifically in Macs, Netflix cookies are the occurring error.

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The final thought is I hope that this article helps you to fix the error which makes you worry. So do not worry about anything; take a rest and enjoy your Netflix movie, web series, or anime, whatever is your favorite. You can check the More Netflix Guide Like How to Change Netflix Region Without VPN.

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