How to Fix Audio Delay on Netflix – 6 Quick Solution

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The Netflix audio delay is annoying. Every time I play a Netflix movie or television show on my device, the audio is delayed. How to fix audio delay on Netflix?”

Having audio problems on Netflix can ruin your experience when watching a movie on the service. If you’re watching a movie on Netflix and your audio is somewhat out of sync with the visuals, we’ll show you how to fix it.

How to Fix Audio Delay on Netflix - 6 Quick Solution

All types of devices are covered, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, streaming sticks, and set-top boxes such as FireTV and Apple TV.

How to Fix Audio Delay on Netflix – All Devices

There are several possible causes for Netflix audio delay errors, including a poor internet connection or your device. As well it may be caused by incompatible audio settings. Despite these issues, repairing the delayed audio on Netflix is quite probable. Here are all the possible solutions:

Restart the Device where Netflix is Streaming

The Netflix audio delay problem can occur on any device, whether your smartphone, TV, or desktop. Close the Netflix app or website and restart the device to resolve it. The audio and video will be perfectly in sync after rebooting, and you will be able to fix any technical glitches.

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Play Another Movie or TV Show

Generally, the audio delay issue occurs when a new movie or series is released. After some time, Netflix’s production crew resolves and normalises the issue. If the problem persists, check out other solutions in this section to ensure your device doesn’t cause it. We recommend streaming another film or show on Netflix to verify the issue isn’t a result of your device settings.

Manage the Audio Settings

There is a possibility that the audio settings might not be compatible with Netflix if you are streaming it on your TV.

You can fix the problem by applying the following settings on Apple TV:

  • Access Settings from the Apple TV home screen.
  • There, select the Video and Audio options.
  • Next, choose Audio Format and then the Change Format tab.
  • Confirm the format change, and pick a new format.
  • Open Netflix again on Apple TV.

If you have a Samsung TV, reset the Sound Settings to fix the audio delay.

Check Internet Connection

Poor network connections generally cause Netflix audio delays since streaming relies heavily on stable internet. Check the Network Settings on the device you are streaming Netflix from.

You should also check whether your HDMI cable is in perfect condition if you have connected your computer to your TV using HDMI. Also, make sure your HDMI cable has been connected correctly.

Force Close Netflix

Do the following whenever Netflix audio is out of sync on your smartphone or tablet. On iPhones and iPads, double-click the home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to dismiss Netflix.

To force-close Netflix on Android, head to Settings > Apps & notifications > All Apps > Netflix > Force Stop and tap OK.

Forcefully terminating problematic apps varies between smart TVs and streaming devices. To learn more about force-closing challenging apps, refer to your device’s manual or manufacturer’s website.

Clear Netflix’s Cache

This issue might occur when streaming content on Netflix if the app’s cache data on your device has become corrupt. If you encounter this problem on your iPhone or iPad, closing and reopening Netflix should resolve it.

Last Words

Netflix audio delays can be painful, but now you know how to fix audio delay on Netflix. Online delays usually result from faulty internet connections or hardware issues. However, Wondershare UniConverter is the best choice if you encounter offline Netflix videos with out-of-sync audio. You can Contact Netflix Customer services for more support.

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