How to Fix a Profile Error on Netflix – Easy Solution

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What’s this Netflix profile error? How to fix a profile error on Netflix? Swipe down to know more about this Netflix profile error and solution.

As you all know, Netflix is the #1 ott platform company worldwide, with more subscribers than its peers. But there’s been some error over it, as something like a Netflix profile error try again later seems to be occurring for its customers. 

Netflix Profile Error

How to Fix a Profile Error on Netflix – Common Profile Errors

Many profile errors occur when you use Netflix on your device; some of the most occurred profile errors are listed below:

  • Netflix profile error; try again later.
  • “Unable to Switch Profile” on Netflix.
  • Netflix says, ‘We’re unable to switch profile.

Why Does Profile Error Occurred On Netflix?

Some data or information stored in your device in the form of cache or cookies prevents you from switching profiles on Netflix. It is because the information stored on your device needs to be refreshed.

You need to refresh that data after a certain time, depending on how often you use Netflix.

Here, How to Fix a Profile Error on Netflix

Members may play, stop, and restart viewing without interruptions or obligations.

However, Some users are unable to switch profiles on Netflix. Whenever they attempt to switch profiles on Netflix, they get the message, “We’re unable to switch profiles, please try again later.”

How to Fix a Profile Error on Netflix

When people use mobile devices or tablets, they get the error 

  • We’re unable to switch profiles, please try again later(-1014).” 
  • We’re unable to switch profiles, please try again later(-1015).” 
  • We’re unable to switch profiles, please try again later(-1016).” 

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Fix 1: Sign Out And Again Sign in

Sign out of Netflix and then sign back in again. This will fix the issue of Netflix being unable to switch profiles and other profile errors.

Step 1: Open Netflix App

Step 2: Tap on the More icon or profile icon

Step 3: Scroll down, Tap on Sign Out

Step 4: Tap Sign Out again to confirm

Step 5: Try Netflix again after signing out and signing back in.

Fix 2: Clear Netflix App Cache Data

In most cases, clearing Netflix’s app cache resolves any problems with the app. 

You need to clear the Netflix app cache, for Netflix cannot switch profiles. To clear the Netflix app cache, follow these steps:

You can clear the Netflix App cache by going to settings >> finding Netflix App and clicking on that >> tapping on clear cache.

For iPhone users, go to iPhone Settings >> General >> Find Netflix App >> Tap on the iPhone Storage button >> Tap on Offload App >> Again reinstall Netflix.

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Fix 3: Update Netflix App To Latest Version

You need to update Netflix’s app with the latest version to fix Netflix’s inability to switch profiles. Sometimes, old versions don’t work as well.

It might not work properly if you have an outdated version of the Netflix app. A Netflix app update will also fix all previous bugs reported to Netflix support. ‘Update’ means you do not have the latest Netflix app version.

Additionally, you can set up an auto-update of the app if you wish so that your app will always be updated with the latest version and will not be affected by bugs. For Android users, Update the Netflix app from Netflix.

Fix 4: Install The Old Version Of Netflix

The old version of the Netflix app can be installed after uninstalling the Netflix app. There may be a bug in the latest version of the Netflix app.

Therefore, you can temporarily install the old version until the next version comes after fixing the bug. However, this temporary fix only works for Android users, not iPhone users.

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FAQs Related to Profile Error

Here are some Profile errors mostly asked by Netflix users are listed below:

What does Netflix mean when it says profile error?

If you see an error saying We’re unable to switch profiles. Please try again later. (-1014) on your Android phone or tablet, it usually indicates that your device needs to be refreshed. It means you have a profile error.

Why can’t I enter my profile in Netflix?

Due to a profile error, you cannot enter your profile. Please try signing into your Netflix account on a different device. If you cannot sign in on any device, your Netflix account must be updated.

Why does Netflix say profile error on iPad?

It usually means that you need to refresh your device’s data if you receive an error message on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that says: There was a problem signing in. Please try again later.

How do I refresh my Netflix profile?

When you sign in to Netflix, select Restart Your Membership from any profile (except the Kids profile) to restart your account. You will be redirected to your Account page, where you will choose Add streaming plan > Restart Your Membership if you need to reset your password.

What happens if you delete a Netflix profile?

You can contact Netflix and ask if they can reinstate your deleted profile. However, they might not be able to do so. If you delete a Netflix profile, all the information associated with that profile is deleted, including favorite shows, preferences, etc.

How many profiles can you have on one Netflix account?

Each Netflix account allows you to have up to five profiles. For example, each profile can have its language preferences, TV show and movie suggestions, playback settings, and more.


Now, You know “How to fix a profile error on Netflix” Sign out & sign in again and update Netflix to the latest version to fix Netflix’s unable to switch profile issue. 

Additionally, if there is a bug or glitch in Netflix App, then you should wait until Netflix resolves the problem. 

Once that’s done, update the Netflix app to its latest version if it’s available, and you’ll be able to use the Netflix App.

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